Weekend Tutorial Round-up: April Sewing Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekend tutorial round-up post! Now, I know that Twitter and Facebook still rule social media, but I’m a Google+ fan and my G+ groups have been KILLING it this week. Here are a bunch of great sewing tutorials they’ve sent in along with some we’ve scratched the surface of before.

This tutorial is meant for wet bathing suits, but I think they’re a great idea for muddy shoes!

I am loving this in-depth look into what it takes almost literally birth a pattern in this blog post How a sewing pattern is born. 60 hours for a bag? That’s a lot of stamina!

Now that I’m learning to sew, I’m racking up a pile of nice-sized scraps and dreaming of the projects I can make with them. Here are 50+ ideas on how to make the most of your fabric scraps. I just saw a

And since zippers are going to be my next frontier, I found this easy to follow tutorial on adding a zipper to a bag and another for installing an invisible zipper. I think I may start off with a pouch like the first tutorial. And how about that fabric!


Looking for beginner sewing projects? How about:

A reversible cowl lined in fleece?

Weekend Tutorial Round-Up: April Sewing Edition from Fanofstuff.com

Or an infinity cowl?

Weekend Tutorial Round-Up: April Sewing Edition from Fanofstuff.com

Or a pair of comfy elastic waist pajama pants? 

Weekend Tutorial Round-Up: April Sewing Edition from Fanofstuff.com

And after all that sewing, how about cleaning out your abused machine? I have not once cleaned my sewing machine and I’ve had it for years. I think it’s time I get on that maybe… Usually, when I replace the bottom bobbin, I just blow really hard to get all the lint out. Perhaps not the most efficient method.
So there you have it, another tutorial round-up. I’m thinking of starting these again but with different themes throughout the month. Like one week is tutorial round-ups, the next is recipe round-ups, ect. Does that sound good to you?


  1. says

    Ok so you’re supposed o clean your sewing machine??? *mind blown* how did i not know that LOL. This post is right on time though, I will try that wet bag now that I can take my twincesses to the pool that will be perfect this summer

    • Zylo says

      I always had a suspicion you were supposed to, but never bothered to look into it. I’ve had this thing for years!

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