Volvo Concept 26

Every day most of us drive to and from work; sometimes we get
stuck in the traffic and end up wasting valuable time. All
along, we lazily stare at the car in front of us occasionally
darting our eyes sideways all in a bid to keep ourselves
occupied. Well, all that will change one day in future when the
Volvo concept 26 makes it to production. With their new
autonomous car, Volvo proposes not one but a couple of creative
ways to spend our commute time.

According to the Swedish automaker, an average American spends
an average of 26 minutes to commute to work daily. Based on
this, the automaker has developed an autonomous vehicle dubbed
“the Concept 26” which offers an option to spend the commute
time doing something more meaningful than just sitting and
waiting for the traffic to move.

This model which presents Volvo’s future outlook was recently
unveiled at the ongoing Los Angeles Auto Show. With the Concept
26, commuters will have a choice to enjoy driving when they
want or delegate actual driving to the car itself and do
something else.


Drive, Create, Relax

According to Volvo’s research, some people would prefer to use
their time creatively when they have a full autonomous drive
option; others would prefer just sitting back, relaxing,
chatting on the social media or just listening to their
favourite tunes. With a full autonomous drive, all that becomes

The Volvo Concept 26 proposes three modes i.e. Drive, Create or
Relax. To make this possible, the interior is composed of
body-hugging seats that actively cradle the driver during the
transformation phase from one of the drive modes to another.
The automaker goes on to argue that this new platform will
adapt to the changing need of the commuters as well as the
changing technologies.


The cabin also features a 25-inch flat-screen monitor mounted
in the dash. This monitor is connected to a raised tablet-like
interface located in the center console. There is also an
armrest that will also be used as a writing table. In each mode
the cabin is set out differently.

To start with, in driving mode, the large monitor is stowed to
minimize distraction with a driver-centric instrument panel and
a laid-out cockpit-style. Switching to Create Mode, the screen
and table deploy to enable the driver to stream online content
or work on various projects. The relaxation mode features
reclined seats and a more passive entertainment. Front seats
feature leg rests and they also slide back to offer more

Volvo is taking inputs from other drivers across the world to
further improve the concept. The automaker aims at turning the
car to a small living room or a mobile office during the
commute periods hence help save the 26 minutes which average
commuters lose on average during each commute which translate
into days annually.


Exterior and engine specs

The Volvo Concept 26 focuses wholly on the interior design and
styling as opposed to the exterior profile or the drivetrain.
Therefore, there is no information about the exterior or engine
specs to talk about.



Volvo Concept 26 Future outlook

With every automaker trying to come up with an autonomous
vehicle concept, it is only a matter of time before we see an
actual model on the streets. Volvo now joins the likes of
Mercedes, Chevrolet, Rinspeed, Nissan and Italdesign which have
all unveiled their autonomous vehicle concepts.

However, to win public trust, the designers have to work very
hard to shift the interior design to an acceptable standard by
the general public. Volvo’s concept 26 is a great leap in that