Recycled Plastic Bottle Cable Knit Bracelet

In celebration of my 600th post (really), I wanted to do a free pattern. This tutorial uses recycled plastic bottles and upcycles them into life as a fashion accessory. It’s a knitting pattern meets recycling tutorial.


So here’s the scoop. My mom drinks damn near everything from a single serving bottle and they don’t recycle. It drives me nuts! So I’ve been hoarding them in bags and stashing them in my closet. While there are a lot of really great plastic bottle DIYs, a lot of them aren’t practical for my space or really my style. So I had to really think about what I wanted to try with them. As I was examining the tiny Coke bottles that dominate my stash, I noticed that they have one perfect smooth band in the center. That’s kind of perfect for a bracelet base, says I. The plastic gives a sturdy base for the cable pattern while also lending it a natural curve.

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Download the Tutorial Here


  • About 20-40 yards of worsted weight yarn depending on length
  • Size 7 needles*
  • a plastic bottle with a flat round
  • Scissors or a knife to cut the plastic
  • A jewelry closure
  • Darning needle

* A note on the needles: The method I used is described below, but this can easily be done on double pointed needles or knit flat and seamed. I prefer this method so that I can easily see the front and back while also being able to slip the plastic in while it’s still on the needles.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Knit Braclet -

Additional pictures for reference

Recycled Plastic Bottle Knit Braclet -

Here is the cable tube.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Knit Braclet -

Slide in the plastic.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Knit Braclet -

Cut excess plastic and bind off.

How I do it:

I find it easier to cast on 9 stitches using a straight needle. Kfb each stitch to create 18 stitches. I slip every other stitch onto a circular needle, then pick up the rest of the stitches, and use a magic loop method to knit around, then use a three needle bind off once the plastic is in place. This creates less ends to weave in and a nicer looking finish.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Knit Braclet - Recycled Plastic Bottle Knit Braclet -


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