Brocade and Fleece Cowl

Brocade and Fleece Cowl -

More cowls? Rly?

Brocade and Fleece Cowl -

Ya rly.

Brocade and Fleece Cowl -

I pinned this tutorial from the Purl Bee ages ago and have been thinking about it ever since. Once I finally whipped out my sewing machine to sew those last cowls, I figured what the heck? If a little is good a lot must be better. I’m so glad I did. This baby’s all for me! I chose a striking yet simple red and black floral brocade and paired it with a light grey fleece that’s super soft.

The Purl Bee’s tutorial has you cut two lengths of fabric and sew them together to get the final length, but I had enough yardage to just cut one piece and save myself some trouble. Otherwise, I made the adult size and found the tutorial really easy to follow. I’m thrilled with the result and am thinking of making a few more. The possibilities are endless.

This was my first time sewing both brocade and fleece. The fleece didn’t give me any trouble, but I thought the brocade might. After some reading, I found that it unravels like crazy, which I was already seeing just from the cut at the fabric store. People recommended either ironing on an interface or seaming the edges. I chose a small zig-zag stitch around the cut edges that sits inside the seam to hold it together. I think it worked really well. Has anyone ever tried using that unraveling glue?

Brocade and Fleece Cowl -

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