2018 BMW Z5

We have captured a new BMW Roadster believed to be the Z5 doing
testing runs. The 2018 BMW Z5 is believed to be the successor
of the Z4. According to rumors, this model is courtesy of the
collaboration between BMW and Toyota. Insiders say that the
model will exclusively feature a soft roof. The collaboration
will also resurrect Toyota’s Supra which will exclusively
feature a hard top.

Though the model is a successor of the Z4, BMW will position it
higher. The model testing was under heavy camouflage.
Nonetheless, we managed to compile the following information:


2018 BMW Z5 Exterior

From the heavy camouflage, we can see a longer hood, short
overhangs and a shorter rear deck. The model also looks longer
and wider than the outgoing Z4. Unlike the Z4 which features a
folding metal roof, the testing mule features a soft top.

At the front, the ZF also appears to wear a larger twin-kidney
grille which is mounted lower on the front fascia; this will
make the front fascia more aggressive. Its headlights are
adopted from the current BMW models and they look larger
compared to those of the model it is replacing. Though the
bumper was totally hidden, expect it to have 3 openings
including a wider center opening. The side profile is not that
much muscular.

The rear was completely hidden and the taillights shown are not
its production taillights. The only visible thing was the
trunk-lid which looks identical to the Z4. The trunk-lid also
features an integrated spoiler.


2018 BMW Z5 Interior

Nothing is known of the interior styling of the Z5 as of this
writing.  However, the interior will feature a premium
aura.  The cabin will have a good layout feature luxurious
features. A wraparound dashboard is very likely.

A floating infotainment system mounted on the dash is also
likely along with a wider center console, a digital instruments
cluster as well as sports steering wheel. The seat will be
bolstered. Premium leather will be the standard upholstery
material. Other surfaces will feature soft-touch materials. The
door panels, dashboard and the center console will most likely
get aluminum inserts.

Tech-wise, expect the latest connectivity technologies
including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity,
USB and Wi-Fi connectivity among others.  In addition, the
model will also feature a host of autonomous technologies like
parking assist, blind spot monitoring and lane change assist to
name just but a few.

New Z5 Render Image

New Z5 Render Image

Engine Specs and performance

Engine lineups are unknown as of this writing. However, going
by the automaker’s latest strategy, a turbocharged 4-cylinder
mill might be used as the base engine. The top-of-the-range
models on the other hand will likely use a 3.0 L, inline 6.

Some rumors claim a performance-oriented M variant will be
offered later on.  There are also reports suggesting a
hybrid drive-train. According to rumors, the base engine will
have a power output of around 190 horses while the
performance-oriented M version engine will produce around 420

As for transmission options, both a manual gearbox and a
dual-clutch automatic transmission are likely. AWD could also
be offered on optional basis.


Price and release date

Well, it is way too early to expect any price revelation from
BMW. Since the model is arguably an upgrade of the Z4 in all
departments, expect a price hike. The current Z4 starts at
$49,700, thus, expect the 2018 BMW Z5 to start at around

Expect BMW to showcase the model at an international show
either in the last quarter of this year or early next year.
Sales are likely to commence in the second quarter of 2017.

2018 BMW Z5 Render Image

2018 BMW Z5 Render Image


The Mercedes-Benz SLC (previously SLK) has been the Z4’s
traditional rival and as such will continue the rivalry with
the Z5. The Audi TT Roadster will also pose rivalry to the Z5
and SLC Roadsters.