My Top 10 Easter Egg Decorations for 2014

My Top 10 Easter Egg Decorations for 2014

Plenty more where this came from…

Easter Egg Decorations 2014!

I used to love decorating Easter eggs. I remember setting up the table with little cups, the entire drawer of spoons, and more napkins than you can shake a stick at. Back in the day, I thought I was pretty rad with some pastel dye. These days Easter egg decorations have taken a turn for the sophisticated. Now they’re just as much fun for kids as they are for adults. Here are my top 10 favorite Easter egg decorations of 2014, so gather the family this Easter Sunday and get cracking! Did you see what I did there? It’s a pun. Okay. Onto the eggs!

Top 10 Easter Egg Decorations 2014

  1. Comic Book painted eggs (main title image)
  2. Temporary Tattoo Eggs
  3. Paper Napkin decorated eggs
  4. Gold-Dipped Marble Eggs
  5. Lace Doily Easter Eggs
  6. Gold-Dipped Easter Eggs
  7. Glitter Easter Eggs
  8. Embroidered Easter Eggs
  9. Mr. Humpty Dumpty Eggs
  10. Confetti Dipped Easter Eggs

Aren’t they gorgeous this year? I think the tutorials get better and more creative year after year. So how about you guys? Do you decorate eggs before or on Easter Day? Or do you have another favorite Easter craft that doesn’t involve eggs? Looking for even more? Here are 9 Easter Egg Crafts Beyond Dyeing. And don’t forget my favorites from last year: My 4 Favorite Easter Egg Tutorials and an updated 2013 list including Doctor Who!

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Weekend Tutorial Round-up: April Sewing Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekend tutorial round-up post! Now, I know that Twitter and Facebook still rule social media, but I’m a Google+ fan and my G+ groups have been KILLING it this week. Here are a bunch of great sewing tutorials they’ve sent in along with some we’ve scratched the surface of before.

This tutorial is meant for wet bathing suits, but I think they’re a great idea for muddy shoes!

I am loving this in-depth look into what it takes almost literally birth a pattern in this blog post How a sewing pattern is born. 60 hours for a bag? That’s a lot of stamina!

Now that I’m learning to sew, I’m racking up a pile of nice-sized scraps and dreaming of the projects I can make with them. Here are 50+ ideas on how to make the most of your fabric scraps. I just saw a

And since zippers are going to be my next frontier, I found this easy to follow tutorial on adding a zipper to a bag and another for installing an invisible zipper. I think I may start off with a pouch like the first tutorial. And how about that fabric!


Looking for beginner sewing projects? How about:

A reversible cowl lined in fleece?

Weekend Tutorial Round-Up: April Sewing Edition from

Or an infinity cowl?

Weekend Tutorial Round-Up: April Sewing Edition from

Or a pair of comfy elastic waist pajama pants? 

Weekend Tutorial Round-Up: April Sewing Edition from

And after all that sewing, how about cleaning out your abused machine? I have not once cleaned my sewing machine and I’ve had it for years. I think it’s time I get on that maybe… Usually, when I replace the bottom bobbin, I just blow really hard to get all the lint out. Perhaps not the most efficient method.
So there you have it, another tutorial round-up. I’m thinking of starting these again but with different themes throughout the month. Like one week is tutorial round-ups, the next is recipe round-ups, ect. Does that sound good to you?

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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Cherry Tree Blossoms - Wordless Wednesday: Cherry Tree Blossoms - Wordless Wednesday: Cherry Tree Blossoms -   Wordless Wednesday: Cherry Tree Blossoms - Wordless Wednesday: Cherry Tree Blossoms -

Wordless Wednesday

Participants listed here

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Brocade and Fleece Cowl

Brocade and Fleece Cowl -

More cowls? Rly?

Brocade and Fleece Cowl -

Ya rly.

Brocade and Fleece Cowl -

I pinned this tutorial from the Purl Bee ages ago and have been thinking about it ever since. Once I finally whipped out my sewing machine to sew those last cowls, I figured what the heck? If a little is good a lot must be better. I’m so glad I did. This baby’s all for me! I chose a striking yet simple red and black floral brocade and paired it with a light grey fleece that’s super soft.

The Purl Bee’s tutorial has you cut two lengths of fabric and sew them together to get the final length, but I had enough yardage to just cut one piece and save myself some trouble. Otherwise, I made the adult size and found the tutorial really easy to follow. I’m thrilled with the result and am thinking of making a few more. The possibilities are endless.

This was my first time sewing both brocade and fleece. The fleece didn’t give me any trouble, but I thought the brocade might. After some reading, I found that it unravels like crazy, which I was already seeing just from the cut at the fabric store. People recommended either ironing on an interface or seaming the edges. I chose a small zig-zag stitch around the cut edges that sits inside the seam to hold it together. I think it worked really well. Has anyone ever tried using that unraveling glue?

Brocade and Fleece Cowl -


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Easy Fabric Cowl – Quick Sewing Project with Video

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows that I have what is probably an unhealthy love of scarves, shawls, and cowls. Well, I’m not interested in therapy anytime soon, so let’s make more!

easy fabric cowl:

I found a great video tutorial that I wanted to try and decided to copy the last cowl I bought. I had 2 yards of fabric to work with which gave me a really nice sized scarf with fabric left over. There are so many great fabric choices to go with, though fabric can get really pricey so watch yourself. You’ll need about 50-60 inches in length per cowl, scarf, infinity scarf, circle scarf – whatever you want to call them.

easy fabric cowl:

Materials for Easy Fabric Cowl

Fabric – I used a 100% cotton clothing fabric, 100% cotton flannel, and a cotton/polyester mix in varying lengths with good results
Thread that matches your fabric
Pins for hems
Scissors and a place to cut

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

I love how simple this video is to recreate. Now if I can just keep making them without blowing my fabric budget it’ll be great. I used the same tutorial to make cowls in two other fabrics, gradually decreasing the length of the unsewn edge to suit my needs. I’ve started to put them into my Etsy shop too!

easy fabric cowl:


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Easy Elastic Waist Pajama Pants

As many of you know, I’m not much of a sewer. I’d like to be, but I haven’t quite worked up to it yet. Still, I can handle some of the easier projects. While cruising Joanne’s, I found some cotton fleece fabric on sale that screamed buy me! I found two small cuts of fabric left on the bolt and decided to go for it, hoping I’d have enough for pajama pants. I have a mighty need for loungers.

Easy Elastic Waist Pajama Pants

Turns out, I’ve got just the right amount! I’ve seen some great tutorials, but most of them rely on you having a pair of pants that you already like. Well, mine are a bit large, but I just traced them without adding my 1/2 inch for a seam and hoped. I chose to make elastic waist pajama pants instead of fussing with a drawstring. Here’s the great tutorial I used for my pants!

Just find a pair of sweats or pajama pants you like. Turn them inside out, then slip one pant leg into the other. Carefully trace the shape onto craft paper, then flip them over and light up the ends to trace the other side. This means you’ll only be cutting two pieces of fabric instead of four. I also didn’t realize that the front and back pieces were different until I read the tutorial – who knew?

Easy Elastic Waist Pajama Pants

Easy Elastic Waist Pajama Pants

While cats are optional for this activity, they are highly recommended.

Seam the legs, then the crotch. Add your elastic in the waist and hem the legs. Easy peasy. And now I’ve got a hot new pair of tiki-head pajamas. It’s all I’ve ever wanted in the world. Plus, I had to get them done in time to wear during the latest episode of The Walking Dead!

Easy Elastic Waist Pajama Pants

Easy Elastic Waist Pajama Pants

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Knitting and Fried Moonpies

I know it seems like I’ve only been obsessing over The Walking Dead here, but I can guarantee that aside from just generally being obsessed with TV I am also doing stuff. I got a chance to visit my BFF for a few days not long ago. We went to a BBQ festival that was entirely dissatisfying. However, I walked away from the long weekend with time well spent with my friends, a picture of a sunset, and a fried Moonpie.




Oh, and did I mention that I finally got a mannequin? Her name is Mable. I took her on my trip with me.

She’s too cool for school.

In knitting news, I’ve been trying to come up with a pattern for some new yarn I picked up. I even created one that I really like, but the yarn just isn’t having it. I’m going to save this pattern and use another yarn for it. Once it’s finished, I’ll post it here but in the meantime check out my swatches! I call it the double arrow.



Also, I dug out my mom’s knitting machine from the back of a closet and have been going to town. I earmarked some yarn I got from an ex years ago to make something for myself. It was absolutely not meant for gifts! However, I kind of just wanted a stockinette shawl and I’m not suicidal enough to make myself knit that by hand. This is the perfect job for a knitting machine. I happen to love giant blocks of stockinette but a) refuse to knit them and b) knit so slowly that it would take me a year to finish. I’m nearly 2/3 done so far. Hopefully, I’ll have a FO by next week.



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I’m on Etsy

I finally started to add a few pieces to the Etsy shop I wanted to create YEARS ago. Some you’ve seen and some are brand new! Here is a taste of what’s in at ZyloHandmade.


mosaic9fb651d99cac68e991c747e98de2a902bce094ff (1)

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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 11 Recap: “Claimed”

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 11 Recap: "Claimed"

Don’t spoilers. Open Inside.  Continue Reading →

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode Recap: Inmates

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 "Inmates"

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