Whiskey Gravy – Brown Gravy for the Morning After

Whiskey Gravy - Brown Gravy for the Morning After

Once upon a time, I used to go to Canada every summer for vacation with my grandparents. They owned a cabin on the lake and they helped keep up the lodge as part of this collective ownernship thing with four or five other families. It was awesome. Each family had their own cabin with an […]

Row of Flowers Mitts – Knitting Pattern

Row of Flowers Mitts - Knitting Pattern

As Winter is finally starting to ebb away in my area, I’m thinking about lovely Spring weather with little bouts of cool breezes and chilly evenings. In between weather needs a hero and I call knitting to the rescue! Fingerless gloves are what I’m all about these days because I hate wearing real gloves. They […]

Caution: Constructing Awesomeness

As you may be able to see, FanofStuff is an active construction zone right now. All the content you came to see is still here, so what’s the deal? Well, aside from the fact that I look dope in a hardhat, I’m injecting a fistful of awesome as we speak. What can you expect from […]

Egg-Free Cookie Dough Bites

chocolate chip egg-free cookie dough bites recipe

I wasn’t planning on blogging about this at all really. I mean, yay cookie dough bites. You can find a recipe for them anywhere. Yeah, well I just finally made them and guess what? I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THEM!   They are soooo good! I thought any recipe with a bunch of sweetened […]

Panera Copycat Recipes for Cold Weather


Who doesn’t love Panera Bread? They have so many options, but the wait and the price can definitely be an issue. The colder it gets, the more I want to hunker down with a sandwich and a steamy mug of soup, but the idea of putting on pants and braving the wind is absolutely not […]

January Is National Hot Tea Month

January is National Hot Tea Month

January Is National Hot Tea Month And that means you should jump on the bandwagon forthwith. I completely forgot until this exact moment that National Hot Tea Month was a thing, even though I blogged about it years ago with a few recipes. Things may have changed but I still love tea and need an […]

Butternut Squash and Sausage Lasagna

Butternut Squash and Sausage Lasagna

Maybe it’s the cold weather that has me craving the sweetness of butternut squash. Or maybe I just saw someone else eat lasagna and decided I had to have it. Either way, I couldn’t get the idea for cheesy layers of noodle and squash out of my head for days before I finally broke down […]