Strawberry Upside-Down Cake

Mother's Day Dinner Recap

Okay, I promised a little while ago that I would make another post on this Strawberry Upside-Down Cake I made for Mother’s Day. Mostly, I wanted to add a few notes on the recipe itself and how my tweaks changed it. I’ll also go ahead and admit that I just really wanted to show you […]

Spanakopita Brunch Bake Recipe

Spanakopita Brunch Bake Recipe

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog has probably heard me complaining about breakfast foods before. I love pancakes smothered in syrup, oatmeal, muffins, you name it – just not for breakfast. The idea of eating something sweet and bland makes me want to crawl back in bed and never come out. My favorite […]

Mother’s Day Dinner Recap

Mother's Day Dinner Recap

You may be proud to note that I actually remembered Mother’s Day for the first time in… ever maybe. And I decided, against some very weak protest from my mom, to enlist me and my step-dad to cook her dinner. He manned the grill and I staffed the kitchen for what turned out to be […]

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

I’m always last to board the train and frozen hot chocolate is no exception. I was out having a lovely drive when I decided I’d had enough and would wander back home. Well, about two hours later, the road I took (“this is probably the right way”) was not leading me any closer to home […]

Contrast Eyelet Fingerless Glove Knitting Pattern

Contrast Eyelet Fingerless Glove Pattern

Spring has sprung! It’s gorgeous outside! It’s also sometimes rainy, unexpectedly cold and gloomy. Such is life, I guess, but you can prepare for that with a little ingenuity with this new fingerless glove knitting pattern! In this case, yeah, I’m back on the fingerless glove train. You will never make me unboard this train, […]

Whiskey Gravy – Brown Gravy for the Morning After

Whiskey Gravy - Brown Gravy for the Morning After

Once upon a time, I used to go to Canada every summer for vacation with my grandparents. They owned a cabin on the lake and they helped keep up the lodge as part of this collective ownernship thing with four or five other families. It was awesome. Each family had their own cabin with an […]

Row of Flowers Mitts – Knitting Pattern

Row of Flowers Mitts - Knitting Pattern

As Winter is finally starting to ebb away in my area, I’m thinking about lovely Spring weather with little bouts of cool breezes and chilly evenings. In between weather needs a hero and I call knitting to the rescue! Fingerless gloves are what I’m all about these days because I hate wearing real gloves. They […]