Halloween Countdown Day 24: Trick or Treat Bags and Bowls

Can we all agree that Halloween is at least 50% about candy? Good, glad we got that out of the way. Get your sugar rush in style with these trick or treat bags and bowl ideas.

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Trick or Treat Bags & Bowls Tutorials

Click on any of the following pictures to be redirected to the tutorial links.

Stitched by Crystal

Okay, this guy is the best! I want him even after Halloween.

Better Homes and Gardens

The Purl Bee

Both of the above trick or treat bags use felt as the main component for the tutorials.

Martha Stewart


Craftaholics Anonymous

Crochet your own!

Simply + Kierste

This one would make a great upcycling or recycling project for all those old paint buckets!

By Stephanie Lynn


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Halloween Countdown Day 24 Trick or Treat Bags and Bowls

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Halloween Countdown Day 23: Spook Bands

You can’t have a Halloween party with no music! Luckily, there are a lot of options to choose from and here are some of my favorites from bands to what I consider iconic Halloween music.

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Halloween Countdown Day 22: Scarecrows

Friendly pumpkin patch scarecrows or scare your pants off field dwellers – scarecrows are a permanent fixture in Halloween and Fall Harvest decor. Here are some ideas to incorporate them yourself.

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Make Scarecrows

So scarecrows come in 2 basic models.

The standard Fall decoration like this one from the Budget Decorator – Autumn-themed, kid-friendly, folksy.

And here is the deluxe model from Grim Hollow Haunts. I think this guy would be in my yard permanently if I had a yard.

Eat Scarecrows

Bakerella has these awesome scarecrow cake pops for amazing festive treats.

These scarecrow cookies from Handmade in the Heartland are actually very simple, but you wouldn’t know it just from looking at them.

Make the simplest party tray from Living Locurto.

This idea from “What’s New, Cupcake” could easily be adapted to fit any theme.

And last but not least, apparently everybody and their brother is making Scarecrow Treats – I think this is the best looking version from Lil’ Luna.

Oh, and don’t forget your face!

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Halloween Countdown Day 21: Spiders & Insects

When you think Halloween, I bet you think creepy and crawly as well. Spiders and insects may scare you during the rest of the year, so here’s your chance to let them scare everyone else.

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Win the best Halloween decor award with this creepy, crawly doorstep decor. Goodbye, friend of Hagrid.

Need something simpler? It doesn’t get more simple than this!

Next to the webs, simply tape up a horde of little spiders crawling home. Or towards your feet!

Add instant creepiness to any costume with the addition of a few stowaway roaches, via Martha Stewart.

If you want to stay with the theme without accidentally scaring yourself, this spider bun is an easy compromise.

If you don’t mind people spitting drinks on your carpet, this would be a hilarious gag. Choose tiny spiders for even more believability.

These amazing spider cookies from Sweetambs have a step by step tutorial on how to get your spider perfect!

A less complicated but still perfectly on point cookie may be what you’re looking for, from Moms & Munchkins.

And for your savory dish, Delicious as it Looks has these spider deviled eggs.

Yes, okay it’s a snake wreath, but who says you can’t do it with bugs? Or just have it around to keep the bug population within reason. Wreath via Martha Stewart.

Okay, yes, it’s snakes again. I’m adult and I do what I want. This would also look great with roaches.

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Halloween Countdown Day 21 Spiders and Insects

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Halloween Countdown Day 20: Shrunken Heads

What is a more graphic representation of the impermanence of life and the lengths man will go to control it then shrunken heads? Here’s some great ideas, human-sacrifice free.

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Shrunken Heads Tutorials

This tutorial from Brad Blog Speed is a little involved, but look at the outcome! It doesn’t get much more realistic than that!

Alternately, you can learn with a video tutorial how to corpse a head.

I Gotta Try That has this great idea using only a handful of materials and a bought creepy head.

For something you can put more of your own spin on, these dried apple shrunken heads are perfect for personalizing. Now just thinking about apple head dolls kinda gives me the chills.

For something less graphic and more fun, try this knit shrunken head pattern via Craftfoxes.

Fear not crocheters, Amiguruthi has this crochet tutorial as well.

If all this has made you hungry, who isn’t right? Right? The Etsy Blog has this fantastic lollipop tutorial!

And it would truly pain me not to include this tutorial for my favorite shrunken head: Lobby Guy from Beetlejuice!

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Halloween Countdown Day 20 Shrunken Heads

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Halloween Countdown Day 19: Halloween Lighting

Photographers and special effects artists know, lighting can make or break your decorating plans. Here are some simple Halloween Lighting ideas to make the most of your efforts.

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Halloween Lighting

I’m putting this first because I’m not even going to pretend like it’s not my favorite idea. The floating candles in the dining hall were so awesome. You can read the whole story at Eating Bender, but it involved a painted tapestry, toilet paper rolls, and LED lights. The second I move, I’m doing this in my hallway and you can’t stop me.

Pegasus Lighting has this great article that suggests light colors based on the effect you are trying to achieve.

I know I introduced these on the first day of the countdown for ghosts but 1) they’re a great idea and 2) eighteen25 calls them ‘spirit jugs’ which makes me think of cheerleaders…

If you want light where you don’t have access to an outlet, these glowstick lanterns are a great idea. I just read somewhere that you can use glow in the dark paint for them as well since the liquid in glow sticks is only good for one night.

Another great no outlet idea is to put glowsticks into paper tubes where you’ve cut eye shapes. Brilliant!

For a more traditional lantern, these coffee can lights are a great idea from Jolly Mom and can be used with real candles or the LED kind.

Okay, I love this idea too! Make your trick or treaters climb the stairs of death by dripping glow in the dark paint on them. You can buy a water-based paint and wash it off or put it on a simple fabric runner instead.

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Halloween Countdown Day 19 Halloween Lighting

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Special Deals from ModCloth

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

We interrupt your Halloween Countdown for a special post. Every blogger in the world knows and loves ModCloth and I’m one of them. They have the cutest stuff, but right now they also have Halloween merchandise that I think goes perfectly with the themed posts this month. They have an entire Halloween Shop! Let me show you some of my favorites, but some of these items go fast so get ‘em while they’re hot!

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Halloween Countdown Day 18: Black Cats

Pop quiz: Are black cats evil or bad luck?

Answer: Trick question, guys. Their fluffiness overrules both and just makes them soft and sneaky. However, the elegance and mischief of cats makes them a timeless decor inspiration. So let your cat fancies run wild. Also, I’m absolutely cheating because not all these cats are black.

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Black Cat Decorations

These black cat’o’lanterns from Sunset are probably my favorite thing ever. Who would have thought of this? You can put candles in the heads too so the eyes light up.

These paper cats from Parents would make a great, chic table topper. You can print out the template by clicking the link.

This idea from DIY Network is so simple. Just cut out the shapes you want from black paper and stick them in your windows. When the indoor lights are on, they’ll come to life!

These wooden cats add a folksy touch that extends past Halloween, via Clover House.

You can make ghost or cat lights, but guess which one I’m more excited about. From Cakies.

I’m starting to realize just how much this countdown has run from ‘bring on the toddlers’ to ‘hide your wives and children’ with these crafts. Still, I think this handprint idea from The Chirping Moms is really cute.

Continuing on the kid-appropriate theme, this paper plate cat is great for little hands. From Crafts by Amanda.

Cat Food

Super easy, assemble your own cat cookies via Party Pinching.

Land O Lakes has this cat cookie recipe on their website.

My Mommy Style is rocking the Nutter Butter black cats – I’m craving this so hard right now.

Lest you think we’ve exhausted cookies, here is a cat cake instead, via Betty Crocker.

Hungry Happenings has cake pops because they know the value of bite sized cake on sticks.

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Halloween Countdown Day 18 Black Cats

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Halloween Countdown Day 17: Graveyards

What doesn’t lurk in graveyards? Zombies, vampires, demons, willow-the-wisps. Graveyards are the breeding ground of Halloween spooks, and here’s how you can take a note from this dirge of a song.

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Graveyard Decorations

Skip the expensive Halloween replicas and learn how to make your own toe pincher coffin for $25! Via ScareFX.

Make your own styrofoam coffins this Halloween. Freak out your family by putting their names on them with the ways they “died”.

Don’t forget that there’s more than one type of headstone you can make. Spyderwood has this great selection and step by step instructions.

This site teaches you not only how to make your own graves, but advises you to give it that otherwordly feel with really simple green lighting. Genius!

What’s a graveyard without some spooks? This “floating” ghost by Grim Hollow is awesome!

And don’t forget the groundskeeper either! You can make your own gravedigger with details for the head here and slap him on a PVC body.

This one armed grave grabber by Yard Haunt is motorized. Do you hear me? It moves. If I walked through someone’s yard and it tried to grab me, I would shit.

You don’t just need headstones – how about some statuary?

Cemetery Snacks

Who new graveyards could be so tasty? This taco dip deadpit is easy and delicious, via Chickabug blog.

If the taco dip doesn’t do it for you, then try this haunted hummus dip with celery and broccoli for trees!

These mousse cups from Better Homes and Gardens are easy to whip up, like dirt cups but themed.

Still too much work? Bam. These are literally the easiest dessert you will ever make and you can let the kids do it. Via The Stir.

I should probably be sorry for posting all these mini-graveyard desserts, but it’s just not in my nature. Sorry not sorry. These cupcakes are from Happiness is Homemade.

See? Just really don’t care – I love them too much. These are from Wilton.

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Halloween Countdown Day 17 Graveyards

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Halloween Countdown Day 16: Mad Scientist

Forget Coldplay – we’re talking MAD scientist here. Body parts in jars, medical equipment, the faint scent of invention in the air. Whether it’s educational, gory or just plain gross, here are the best tutorials to help you set up your evil lab.

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Decorations for your laboratory

Igor, where did I put Samuel’s head? Was it behind the bread or on the toilet tank? Nothing says lab like a head in a jar – make your own here from Instructables.

How can you science without your materials? You can’t make a monster without some eyes right? Visit Fynes Designs for this decoupage idea or visit my witches round-up for more apothecary jar ideas.

Get ready to dissect your next party snack! This watermelon brain is a great idea for an eye-catching centerpiece – decoration and dessert!

There is an entire printable collection made scientist themed paper goods on Etsy. See what one parent did with them for her son’s birthday party.

Feed your mad scientist

I don’t care how old I get, I still drink Shirley Temples. Made From Pinterest has this great idea for a party where you can shoot your own “blood” into the drink. Fun for all ages!

For more adult fun, these jello shots are really shots!

Today’s Mama shows this great idea for some bloody bandage finger food. Here they used graham crackers, marzipan, and jelly, but these would work just as well with tiny squares of cream cheese. Cut it into long square blocks and keep it cold to make it easier to cut.

Realistic jello eyeballs? Sign me up. Mega Yummo figured out these puppies that take dessert to disgustingly high levels.

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Halloween Countdown Day 16 Mad Scientist

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