ZyloHandmade Shop Updates

It’s been a busy few months with grad school and introducing new things to the shop. I’m almost to my next goal of 100 items and have made great headway in the Etsy world. Recently, I’ve started an Etsy team with a few fellow shops. TEMPT Team is growing strong and focuses on promotion and helping each other out. Our leaders are all energetic and working hard to make it a success.

We’ve also started writing a blog to help shop owners with business advice, promoting their items, and featuring the excellent shop owners in our team!

I’ve also made quite a few sales and a few trades. I’m thrilled about some of the items finding new homes and the super sweet reviews I’ve gotten. I also got a treasury I was included in added to this excellent blog from the shop owner of Eternal Girl.

ZyloHandmade sold orders

And of course, I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing on Etsy for years – shopping! Here’s my loot.

Etsy Loot


  1. Vulture Rear View Mirror Charm from Cassie Vision
  2. Copper Color Recycled Wood Earrings from Feath & Kee
  3. Tree Handmade Notecard from Card Frinzy
  4. Gold Tree of Life Earrings from Little Bit Crazy
  5. Teal and Black Recycled Wood Earrings from Feath & Kee
  6. Celtic Knot Beaded Bracelet from Little Bit Crazy

I’ve gotten new materials and lots of new ideas. There are some new knitting patterns in the works along with cold weather wear. Some beautiful new fabric has snuck into my stash with some new sewing feet. And who knew that I’d fall in love with paper punching so much? New punches and gorgeous papers are on the way. Here’s a little of what you can expect.

ZyloHandmade Shop Update

I’ve also started putting together some holiday boards on Pinterest for inspiration, gift ideas, and great seasonal DIYs. You can follow them by clicking the picture below.

Pinterest Boards


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Halloween Countdown Day 31: Halloween Drinks

It’s finally Halloween and you’ve got just enough time to whip up some punch and cocktails. I’ve separated them into alcoholic and non-alcoholic for any gathering.

To see all 31 days of the Halloween Countdown, visit the Masterlist!

For a Halloween touch to keep the punch bowl cool, check out this floating hand ice via Nestle Kitchens.

Virgin Halloween Drinks

This gorgeous punch does rely on a bunch of food coloring, but considering how pretty it is I’d be willing to overlook that. Plus, there’s an alcoholic version as well. Via Kara’s Party Ideas.

This Applewood Julep from Stockpiling Moms would fit perfectly at the breakfast table or for refueling after trick or treating.

I’ve seen this Witches Brew punch show up a dozen places. It’s a creamy lime punch that looks incredible – via Lil’ Luna.

This Starbucks copycat is for the seasonal favorite caramel apple spice form Practically Functional. For extra authenticity, top it with whipped cream.

Girl Loves Glam has this great idea that you can apply to almost any drink, but she paired it with some delicious lemonade.

Boozy Halloween!

Zombies shoot braaaiinsss. At least they do in this shot from Self Proclaimed Foodie that is made from vodka, lime juice, and Bailey’s.

This herb and berry concoction from HGTV looks mysterious and delicious.

Are you kidding? This Polyjuice Potion mixes Harry Potter and vodka – there is nothing better! Recipe from Cooking with Curls.

Leave it to Martha Stewart to find black vodka to make these dark as night cocktails.

These pretty candy corn jello shots from A Beautiful Mess are a creamy, fruity treat.

Okay, wait for it… morgue-a-ritas! Boom! A playful spin on the classic margarita via HGTV.

The addition of blue curacao helps to make this cocktail something a little more sinister, via The Gardening Cook.

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Halloween Countdown Day 31 Halloween Drinks

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Halloween Countdown Day 30: Coffins

It’s rare to find a place where you can catch some sleep, hide treasure, or bury a body based on need. Coffins are really a multi-use item that you could use year round, though I suspect you might not. Do not fret! I have ideas to enjoy the creepiness without the eternal commitment. For now.

To see all 31 days of the Halloween Countdown, visit the Masterlist!

Coffin Recipes

This terrormisu (get it?) looks delicious. It’s from this amazing book by La Carmina called Cute Yummy Time: 70 Recipes for the Cutest Food You’ll Ever Eat inspired by the adorable recipes found in Japanese Bento boxes.

These coffins are a little occupied, but I’m sure you won’t mind. Instructions provided by Sugar Kissed in vivid technicolor.

This really ingenious Butterfinger Bark recipe from Jen’s Favorite Cookies uses only 3 ingredients and candy corn is one of them. How novel!

Almond Brownie Coffins from Martha Stewart are a classy end to any meal.

How about a delicious savory coffin canape? Via Huffington Post.

For an easier and more fun version, this little bread coffin houses some delicious dip that the skeleton will just have to share. Via Celebrations at Home.

Coffins Decor

Say hello to the holiday with this DIY Chalkboard from The Ladybird Blog.

Can you believe that Screaming Scarecrow made this creepy coffin from a cardboard box!

How about this pretty stained version of a toe-pincher coffin from The House of Smiths?

This smart idea from Oh So Beautiful Paper demarks items on the buffet table. It would also be a great idea for place settings.

These little stamped coffins are actually envelopes that you could put small treats in. I like the idea of using them to put in invitations to the Halloween party. Via Nice People Stamp!

These little cardstock coffins are perfect party favor holders. Via Whiff of Joy.

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Halloween Countdown Day 30 Coffins

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Halloween Countdown Day 29: Bats

You can’t separate bats from Halloween. It’s like separating chewed gum stains from taxi’s or food stains from your favorite clothing. Plus, bats can easily go from cutest thing ever to nightmare creepy depending on your preference, so get to work!

To see all 31 days of the Halloween Countdown, visit the Masterlist.


Who knew bats could look so sophisticated? Felt bat pillow via Ameroonie Designs.

This quickie bat or ghost garland can be made with Styrofoam balls and paper. Simple!

Check out this bat mini-quilt or block via Projects by Elizabeth Hartman.

These little fuzzies are super simple to make and can hang off your light fixtures, doorways, or trees.

This origami bat is so much more realistic than I can imagine origami ever being! Via 365 Days of Halloween.

Store your Halloween treats in style with these bat treat holders, via Lolly Jane.

Wow them at your next Halloween party with this bat tree from Uncommon Designs.

And while you’re setting the table, don’t forget name holders like these pumpkin bats from Martha Stewart.

Get some bats on your doorstep with this classy pumpkin idea from It All Started With Paint.

And don’t forget the yard! This kids craft is simple and easy for the little ones from HGTV.

Bat Recipes

This GORGEOUS cake take a trip back to splatter paint for the ultimate bat cake! Via The Cake Blog.

These bat cookies from The Barefoot Baker are the prettiest bats I’ve ever seen.

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Halloween Countdown Day 29 Bats


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Halloween Countdown Day 28: Black Birds

Ravens, crows, black birds, or vultures – black birds are a staple of Halloween decorations. Whether your more The Crow or Edgar Allen Poe (I’m a poet too), these tutorials will help you feather the nest right before Halloween.

To see all 31 days of the Halloween Countdown, visit the Masterlist!

Black Bird Decorations

DIY Showoff has this great idea for a “Nevermore” tree with black birds for your tabletop.

This bird candelabra is a really clever upcycling project that you can use with your own items to customize it. Via The V Spot.

This first wreath by The 36th Avenue pairs a black bird with a colorful, fall palette.

The second wreath by Katydid and Kid uses some really beautiful black crepe paper to make a really sophisticated version of the raven wreath.

The third version is another great example of the classiness of black on black, via Boxwood Clippings.

You can paint them whatever color you like, but the plain look is actually great. It’s a mix of modern and creepy. Via Up to Date Interiors.

I can’t tell if this is fondant or clay, but the picture tutorial from Cake Central is cool and could probably be used for either.

This raven porch is simple but very affective and not too garish. Via Create. Craft. Love.

Costume Ideas

This bird mask via Martha Stewart can be made in any combination of colors and textures. A great creepy touch would be a black mask with bright red contacts!

And here are 2 great tutorials to make your own bird wings.

This tutorial from Llevo el invierno is in both English and Spanish.

This one from Paging Fun Mums has cute pinked edges.

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Halloween Countdown Day 28 Black Birds

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Halloween Countdown Day 27: Poison Apples

Not just for Snow White, poison apples are a timeless classic that mix two seasonal elements: apples and horror. I bet you thought you’d never read that sentence before.

To see all 31 days of the Halloween Countdown, visit the Masterlist!

You can use a real apple for this poison baby, but the paint isn’t edible making it good for decorations or as this “Snow White” did, a costume prop.

Want another great costume accessory? These poison apple earrings go with your best spooky outfit.
How about poison apple fingertips from Taya?
And last but not least, how about this glowing poison apple to complete your Evil Queen? Via EPBOT.
These bloody candy apples mix the red candy part with white chocolate. This delicious recipe via 1 Fine Cookie.
Simply Delicious presents these sticky sweet and sinister poison toffee apples.
And if black or bloody doesn’t scream “poison” to you, then you can dye your apples any color you like. Instructions here at Rose Bakes.

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Halloween Countdown Day 27 Poison Apples

27. October 2014 by Zylo
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Halloween Countdown Day 26: Skeletons

My earliest memory of seeing a skeleton was in a Vincent Price movie, of which I watched A LOT, and I’m pretty sure it was attacking someone like a puppet. It’s amazing how far special effects have come since then, but no surprise that the classics are still in full swing.

To see all 31 days of the Halloween Countdown, visit the Masterlist.

Skeleton Decorations

Who knew string art was so awesome? You can make this amazing skull yourself via A Beautiful Mess.

Slap it in a frame, put it in a window or mail it as an invitation. Glitter Skull via Glitter Guide.

If you invited me to a party with this invitation, I might actually come. Make it with MiniCo.

Ruffles and Truffles has THE coolest lawn decor. Skeletons doing chores.

Whether you use them for Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos, these skull candelabras are awesome, via OhOh Blog.

A random person might not know this is Jack Skellington – it’s okay, none of us are friends with them – but they still make amazing skeleton decor.

Need a last minute Halloween costume? This is perfect because all you need is a white t-shirt and you’re set!

Skeleton Recipes

Let me show you how delicious bones can be.

These sweet bones from Martha Stewart are light and sweet meringue cookies.

I’m a firm believer that you can do anything with gingerbread, and this great idea is the perfect case in point.

Bombshell Bling whipped up this amazing Jack Skellington cake that’s simple on the outside and hella rad on the inside.

These skeletons are so delicious that they’re rising from the cake grave. Cookies and Cups shows you how to make them.

For those skeletons that are just too cool – or trying to solve crime, I guess – these hat wearing skulls satisfy anyone.

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Halloween Countdown Day 26 Skeletons

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Halloween Countdown Day 25: Masks

While some people feel free while wearing a mask, concealing the identity is a hallmark of evildoers. Or I guess just people with ugly faces. Either way, here are some great ideas to make your own masks.

To see all 31 days of the Halloween Countdown, visit the Masterlist!


Can you believe this steampunk rabbit’s mask? You can actually make that with instructions from EPBOT!

I hear you screaming for more steampunk – never fear! This delicate lace mask from Urban Threads is easier than you think.

I LOVE masquerade masks, so this is way up my alley. You can make this lovely mask with just a few materials in no time via Sprinkles in Springs.

Here is another masquerade mask with video instructions to make an ice-inspired look.

Tell me you don’t want this mask. I dare you. You can actually make this dude via Instructables!

Get your wolf on with this soft wolf mask from OhMy! Handmade Goodness.

Are you the bat? Well you and like 20 of your friends can be this Halloween without the bankroll. Tutorial via Living with Punks.

These tutorials are longer as they’re posted on Deviantart, but just click on the pictures to get back to the original posts.

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Halloween Countdown Day 25 Masks

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Halloween Countdown Day 24: Trick or Treat Bags and Bowls

Can we all agree that Halloween is at least 50% about candy? Good, glad we got that out of the way. Get your sugar rush in style with these trick or treat bags and bowl ideas.

To visit all 31 days of the Halloween Countdown, visit the Masterlist!

Trick or Treat Bags & Bowls Tutorials

Click on any of the following pictures to be redirected to the tutorial links.

Stitched by Crystal

Okay, this guy is the best! I want him even after Halloween.

Better Homes and Gardens

The Purl Bee

Both of the above trick or treat bags use felt as the main component for the tutorials.

Martha Stewart


Craftaholics Anonymous

Crochet your own!

Simply + Kierste

This one would make a great upcycling or recycling project for all those old paint buckets!

By Stephanie Lynn


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Halloween Countdown Day 24 Trick or Treat Bags and Bowls

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Halloween Countdown Day 23: Spook Bands

You can’t have a Halloween party with no music! Luckily, there are a lot of options to choose from and here are some of my favorites from bands to what I consider iconic Halloween music.

To visit all 31 days of the Halloween Countdown, visit the Masterlist!









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